Galaxy A12 Review – Power And Style Rolled Into One



The Samsung Galaxy A12 is little more than skin deep, especially in terms of performance. So-so photographs, with occasional slow shutter speed. You know the deal: every photograph I take seems to turn out perfect, but when it comes down to it, no image is perfect. Of course, I have a fairly decent camera, and am not afraid to admit that I am no expert at photography. That’s why I am sharing my woes. Hopefully, you will have the same level of dismay.


So, what’s the problem? Well, for one thing, the front camera on the Samsung Galaxy A12 comes extremely short of its competition. The next highest front camera is the iPhone 4S, which is even slower. Then there’s the Motorola DROID, which sports the fastest front camera of all the competition, the HTC Evo Shift, which is just as fast, if not faster. What’s more is that all of these phones allow you to take better pictures, although you cannot compare the picture quality between the front cameras. Galaxy A12


On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy A12 does not charge very fast. The iPhone’s fast charging system seems to work much better. In addition, the screen on the Samsung phone does have a bit of an issue with being too bright. It seems like it always blinks, even when the screen is off. So, for me, this was a major let down, especially because I really like using the Samsung galaxy a12.


But let’s look at the other features on this phone. First, what about battery life? The answer is not very good. It seems like the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy A12 review actually gives the expectation that you will be able to get about six or so hours of life from these handsets. It could get longer, but it may not be anywhere near as long as the iPhone. It is interesting to note that the iPhone has the ability to turn the screen off while in sleep mode.


On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy A12 review states that the device lasts longer because of its larger size. Although it is still pretty small, it certainly feels like it is packed with power and it will last you much longer than the average cell phone. You can definitely tell that this is a mid-range phone, but do not let that make you think that it lacks any power – the power is there!


In conclusion, this is a phone that is reasonably priced, offers a lot of features and power, and is pretty sleek and stylish. One of the main knock ons for this handset is that it does not come with a microSD card. This is a problem, but most people do not consider buying phones without it, so this may not be a big deal for you. The Motorola GTE 930 is one phone that does come with a microSD, and it is not the only one. Other phones such as the HTC Desire HD and the LG Optimus G have also been given the option to download apps from microSD. In my own opinion, the ability to download apps from a bigger memory is a great selling point for the Galaxy A12 and a great way to justify spending the extra money.

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