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These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a car sporting a bumper sticker. These small rectangles of wisdom, wit, or advertisement are popular, and here to stay. While many people find bumper stickers that appeal to them, most are not aware how easy it is to have custom stickers made. For people with specific needs, or creative ideas, custom is the way to go.

Bumper stickers have had a long tradition of touting support for political candidates or ideologies. Harry Truman was the first president to use bumper stickers as a campaigning medium in the 1948 presidential election. Since then, bumper stickers have been a regular in political campaigns ranging from city commissioners to the nation’s highest office.

Custom stickers play a large roll in political elections. While the candidates may be able to shell out the big bucks to provide millions of stickers for supporters, the little guys can put in their two cents with a less expensive and much smaller run of stickers. The stickers are generally more noticeable as well. As campaign seasons swing into action, a seemingly endless flow of “Joe Schmo for President” stickers flood the public roadways. The custom stickers provide witty rebuttals to rise above this sea of mundane slogans like islands of refuge.

While political banter is a common topic for bumper stickers, the most notable use of custom stickers is for providing advertisement. The advertising media of bumper stickers is a growing trend. When the low cost and mobility of the sticker are considered, custom stickers are a smart choice for advertising. Custom stickers have become a top resource for small businesses to spread the word of their products and services. It is an inexpensive way to release multiple small billboards with wheels into the viewing eye of the public. custom keychains

Ordering custom stickers is a painless process. With the rise of the internet and modern printing techniques, reputable bumper sticker companies produce custom stickers on a regular basis. The option to control the entire design of the sticker is often a key benefit to consider, and you do not have to be a computer expert, or an artist to prepare your concept. A worthy sticker company will keep a number of capable graphic designers on staff to help with art work and design considerations. Company logos, photos, and text can be easily manipulated and prepared for printing.

Like large run bumper sticker printings, stickers are usually printed through the screen printing process. This process has been popular for nearly a century due to its ability to mass produce printed objects quickly and with accuracy. The process involves creating a stencil for each color in your design. These stencils are called screens, and ink is forced through them to apply the graphic to the sticker medium, which is usually vinyl. Through this method, multiple copies of the design can be printed onto one large sheet. The sheets are then cut into individual stickers using a mechanized process. The entire process can be completed quickly. Larger companies can usually complete a custom sticker job in a day.

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